Nicholas Moore
Africa, Fiction, Portugal

Nicholas Moore

I am a translator from Portuguese and Spanish into English, with a particular focus on literature and poetry. Born and raised in Manchester, I completed my undergraduate degree in Hispanic Studies with Portuguese at QMUL in 2019, graduating with a Master's in Translation Studies from the University of Sheffield in January of 2021.

In Sheffield I worked with the Off The Shelf literary festival, interpreting for Cuban poet Legna Rodríguez Iglesias. I have worked with the Latin American News Digest, bringing news from Brazil and the Hispanic Caribbean to an anglophone platform, and I have been selected as one of the Stephen Spender Trust's 2021 cohort of Multilingual Creators.

Aside from Manchester, London and Sheffield, I have been lucky enough to live in Coimbra and later in Havana. Whilst Cuban and Brazilian literature have been the focus of most of my studies, I hope to undertake a PhD based around the translation of literature from Lusophone Africa.

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