Joe Williams
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Joe Williams

MA in translation studies. Former TEFL teacher. Often found translating academic and non-fiction texts (preferably from social sciences or humanities subjects) and indeed a whimsical array of other text types to keep the lights on. Beyond that, I spend much of my time working on book proposals and whetting my literary sensibilities by translating poetry and other such stuff. I also work as an editor and radio presenter for literary journal and digital radio station Trafika Europe.

I moved from the UK to Coimbra, Portugal in 2020, where I'm also considering applying for a Ph.D. in Portuguese literary studies, probably something to do with the relationship between culture and power in Portugal during the 20th century, perhaps censorship during the Estado Novo? I also work with Spanish.

Aside from literature, my interests include history, music and, most recently, rowing.

Latest Publications

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    Poems from Errático by Rosa Oliveira Translated by Joe Williams
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